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Seven Decades Of Melodic Rock & Roll


This blog is devoted to all manner of melodic rock — British Invasion, psychedelia, garage rock, power pop, new wave, jangle pop, neo-psychedelia, post-punk, garage rock revivalism, low-fi, Brit Pop, and even a few precursors from the 1950s.

Life is too short to write about “bad” music. Therefore, I write only about music I like, and will not post “bad” reviews. My mission is to let you know about some of the really good and really cool music out there. Others can post the critical stuff.

I created a streaming radio station that plays the type of music featured on this blog. There are several thousand tracks spinning in rotation at any given time. It is 100% commercial- free, and can be heard 24/7. The on-line player can be accessed directly through the radio page of the blog — right here. You can also click on the “Listen Live” headphones icon on the sidebar to your right. The station can also be heard on the Tunein and StreamLicensing mobile apps for iOS and Android, or via the search function at SHOUTcast.

Feel free to drop me a line at popgoescrunch@gmail.com, or by commenting on this blog.

Hope you enjoy this site, and the radio station. Let me know what you think.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I love putting the music out there & I’m still surprised when people find it. I’ve reciprocated the “follow” & look forward to getting your stuff. A post about the 21st century Go Betweens has stalled as a fine live version of “Finding You” has disappeared from the Y-tube. I’m working around it.
    Merry Xmas Mal

  2. Hi there, I’m still around your blog. Really enjoying the Sharp Things who I had never heard before. This passed across my F-book this week & it sounds to be right up your boulevard. Not released until September, it is music from the future.
    Thanks for showing up on my posts, I really do appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for the music from the future. I like that. It sounds 30 years old, but also new as well.

    I also got The Sharp Things’ prior release, “A Moveable Feast.” Its quite good, too.

  4. Hello Pop That Goes Crunch,

    Sorry if this is kind of spamming you, i don’t mean to be rude.

    My names Dave and i play in a band called Popular Mechanics from St. Louis, MO. I suppose we could be categorized as powerpop or pop/rock, etc… We’ve recently released an album called Anti-Glacial, you can check it out here if you’d like, http://www.popularmechanics.bandcamp.com

    I came across your site from the blogroll on another powerpop blog i check out. I’m not sure, but this record may be something you’d be interested in. If you’d like to write, review, share, or whatever. I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks so much,
    Dave Todd

  5. Hi, I hope you don’t mind my calling your attention to the latest CD from my award-winning band. It’s a hybrid of Brit-pop melodies and American roots that I think you might like. Thanks, ~bc

  6. Hi PopThatGoesCrunch,
    How can bands submit music to you? Do you have a preferred method, if any?

  7. Hello. Because I Facebook with the Crush I found out about your blog today! I would like to send you my 7-inch green-vinyl single, if I may. I think you’ll like it! Got a mailing address?

  8. How does one go about submitting an Indie album for consideration in 2016? We are just about to release our second album called Jackpot!
    Slim Chance & The Gamblers

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