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The Mockers Declare Peace On Christmas And Win

The Mockers -- War On Xmas Is Over

Check out the “feel good” Christmas song/Christmas video of the year. Its “(There’s No War on Christmas) When Christmas Is In Your Heart” by The Mockers, a peaceful call to arms against the Grinches and the Scrooges who would tear us apart by religion, race, ethnicity, etc. etc. etc. during the “holiday” season.

After taking a quick jab against “Bill and Ann and Rush and Glen, and all their coterie,” the band delivers a “three-minute powerpop sermon on the true meaning of Christmas” whether you use an “X or a C” and whether you say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Yes, indeed, as per The Mockers, “you’re only saying Peace On Earth, in many different ways.”

So, sit back and enjoy three minutes and change of traditional Powerpop — bass, guitar and drums, aided by an occasional keyboard and glockenspiel — amid a video montage of happy holiday memories shown in cool vintage photos submitted by friends:

Peace on Christmas has broken out, indeed!

You can purchase The Mockers’ double-sided Christmas single right here.


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