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The Big Show, Season 2, Show 6


The sixth installment of the second season of The Big Show is a really big show — 30 tracks covering a wide range of sounds and textures.

New music in this episode is supplied by Stereo Tiger, Propeller, Murder ShoesVegas With Randolph, Braddock Station Garrison, Palmyra Delran & Bubble Gun, Tommy Sistak, Jay Gonzalez and Shmohawk.

We also hear from perennial favorites, Teenage Fanclub, Grip Weeds, Shoes, and Michael Carpenter.

Timmy Sean checks in with a country-inspired track from his Songs Of The Week extravaganza. With that in mind, we also hear from Lucinda Williams and Dwight Yoakam.  Rounding it all out is Mel Torme doing one of the coolest bits of 60’s swing every put to wax.

The entire 30-song tracklist is below the embed. Crank up the volume, and check out Pop That Goes Crunch radio, streaming the finest in melodic rock n’ roll 24/7.


1.  Stereo Tiger, “Open Your Eyes”

2.  Murder Shoes, “Under The Sea”

3.  Propeller, “Can’t Fight These Things”

4.  Vegas With Randolph, “Jacob”

5.  Los Breakdowns, “UK Youth”

6.  Braddock Station Garrison, “Forgotten Teenage Dream”

7.  Stephen Lawrenson, “Words To Say”

8.  Mystery Flowers, “Land Of The King”

9.  The Junipers, “And In My Dreams”

10. Southern Boutique, Joanna

11. The Autumn Defense, “Canyon Arrow”

12. Squeeze, “Up The Junction” (Live At The BBC)

13. Love Axe, “Baby To Bed”

14. Palmyra Delran and Bubble Gun, “No Time Like Never”

15. Sloan, “Take It Upon Yourself”

16. The Yetis, “Little Surfer Girl”

17. Splitsville, “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”

18. Mel Torme, “Comin’ Home Baby”

19. Teenage Fanclub, “Mellow Doubt”

20. Michael Carpenter, “Neil Jung”

21. Grip Weeds, “Down To The Wire”

22. Shoes, “Tomorrow Night”

23. Groovy Uncle, “Barefoot In The Car Park”

24. Tommy Sistak, “Just Like Before”

25. Donny Brown, “Bitter Rival”

26. Jay Gonzalez, “Light Side Of The Leaves”

27. Timmy Sean, “Western Rodeo”

28. Shmohawk, “Grass Is Looking Green”

29. Lucinda Williams, “Metal Firecracker”

30. Dwight Yoakam, “Claudette”


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